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    Join Eugene and Ellie on their journey to fix ElectriCITY! Learn about how electricity flows in this comic, and then build your own light-up structures with the Polytropolis Inventor's Toolbox.
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    Become a detective and help Jolie track down her secret admirer! Learn about science of optics and magnification in this comic, and then make your own camera lens with the SuperVision Inventor's Toolbox.
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    Bring power to the city of Polytropolis and watch it glow! Learn the fundamental concepts of circuits and electricity as you assemble using conducting dough to power the city. Game pieces are interchangeable and re-useable, allowing customization of city layouts! Worksheets are provided with each toolbox and provide instructions, propose a challenge, and inspire creativity.
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    Make your own magnifying lens and microscope to hunt for the smallest items you can imagine! Guide water droplets across forbidden territory and use them to clean dirty surfaces! Get your hands wet learning about water properties, surface tension, and relationships between nanotechnology and real life. You will also learn to make their own water-repelling tiles (they never get wet!).  
  • SV_backSV_box


    Make your own magnifying lens and microscope to hunt for the smallest items you can imagine! Learn about optics while finding the optimal magnification and field of view to hunt for the smallest features you can find, like the hair on a bug's legs...or smaller! You are the engineer, making your own set of lenses and pairing them to your cell phone.
  • SHT_comic_square
    Adventure with Sophia as she uses science to surf the waters like a pro! Learn about material properties that trap and repel water in this comic, and then design your own water-trapping puzzles with the SuperHydrotension Inventor's Toolbox.
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    If your child comes up with an idea for an educational toolbox, we would be more than happy to help turn it into a real product, and your child will become one of our inventors. The inventors of the popular inventions will create their own Inventor's Toolboxes (with cartoons made of them to star in the books and on the boxes) to be sold through A Hundred Tiny Hands, with proceeds going back to the little inventors! So when parents buy an Inventor's Toolbox, you are not only buying an educational toy, but access to a scientific community and an opportunity for your children to invent real products.  Join the Tiny Hands movement and help us invent inventors.