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“The Khine research lab at UC Irvine invents cool tools for the medical industry by “playing around.” Biomedical engineer Michelle Khine, who designs medical diagnostic microchips that can be used to analyze cells, is an advocate of play. It was the theme of her recent TEDxUCIrvine talk. “By playing we can learn,” she said. “We play music, we play tennis, we play sports. Why can’t we play science?””
Science at play: The Khine Lab at UCI, The Orange County Register
“Jolie conducts 24-week after-school programs which brings together STEM into schools and coordinates other volunteers also. Jolie also coordinated a day for students to visit her biomedical research lab at UCI and … is a co-founder of A Hundred Tiny Hands where she has translated her PhD project into an Inventor’s Toolbox that teaches Elementary School students about STEM topics in an interactive, engaging, and social way.”
Spirit of Volunteerism awarded to our own Jolie Mclane

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If your child comes up with an idea for an educational toolbox, we would be more than happy to help turn it into a real product, and your child will become one of our inventors. The inventors of the popular inventions will create their own Inventor’s Toolboxes (with cartoons made of them to star in the books and on the boxes) to be sold through A Hundred Tiny Hands, with proceeds going back to the little inventors! So when parents buy an Inventor’s Toolbox, you are not only buying an educational toy, but access to a scientific community and an opportunity for your children to invent real products. 

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