Our Motivation

In 1959, pre-eminent physicist Richard Feynman heralded the coming of nanotechnology by proposing a provocative thought experiment: what if you could make something that could make something smaller, that could in turn could make something even smaller… how small could you go? Imagine the power of A Hundred Tiny Hands.

Our Promise

A Hundred Tiny Hands is creating toys that inspire inventors to use their creativity while learning engineering concepts. These products are based on projects in lab and are currently being produced by students in the Khine Lab. Creating these toolboxes are new to most of us, but the team is full of ambitious students whose sole responsibility is to learn.

Our Future

A Hundred Tiny Hands will be an online community that connects kids, enabling them to interact and learn from one another, similar to scientists in real life. Challenges with rewards will be issued regularly to promote the playability of each toolbox. The most important feature will be the opportunity for the kids to upload their own inventions and creations.